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H10 Rise and Fall Hinge only in pairs -17-21mm
The H10 offers additional support by wrapping around the edge of the door. This helps to prevent the door from "bursting" under heavy impact.

The hinge is available in two sizes to accomodate most standard panels.

17-19mm & 19-21mm thicknesses

Like the H1, the H10 hinge is more suited to aggressive environments; the twin bolt through fascia fixing ensures doors cannot be kicked off the hinges.

The door is fixed to the hinge by two through bolts which clamp the door tightly into a channel bracket. The fascia requires two holes per hinge to accomodate the nickel plated brass "T" nuts. All drilling can be done on site.

The hinge incorporates a pair of adjustable nylon cams which can be set to allow the door to fall fully open, fully closed or two positions in-between.

A hidden screw is fitted to each hinge to prevent the doors from being lifted off, where immediate access is required these screws may be discarded so the door can be easily lifted off.

Supplied in a silver anodised finish, the hinges are packed in pairs (i.e. one pair per standard size door 700 x 1800 x 17mm). Where heavy or outward opening doors are fitted, we would advise the fitting of three or more hinges to the door.
IB 5 Indicator Bolt 17-21mm
IB 1 Indicator Bolt 17-21mm